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About Kaitlyn

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Life experiences I bring to my practice


16 years of fast-paced service industry work

Spastic back injuries as a result from overuse and stress

Chronic mid and low back pain more or less resolved by Rolfing

Bumps, bruises, sprains, injuries from a generally active lifestyle including hiking, biking, running, casual rock climbing

Knee surgery at age 16

Lived in many different states including Maine, New Hampshire, Washington, Alaska, Montana,

and Colorado.

Fitness practice includes weight lifting, running, balance/flexibility

My Story


Chronic pain brought me to my first Rolfing session and curiosity brought me to the rest of the series. If my body could feel that good after just one session, what were the possibilities contained within the entire series?

Completing the 10-series and subsequent tune-ups remain one of the best investments I have ever made. To be able to feel at home in a body that for many years didn't feel like my own was the best gift I have ever given myself and is one of the reasons I decided to become a Rolfer™.

Two months after my first 10-series, I went on a solo road/backpacking trip across the country. Prior to Rolfing, I was unable to hike more than a few miles with a pack on without excruciating knee pain. On this trip, I was hiking 10-17 miles daily for a few weeks with no pain other than the expected muscle soreness. My body was also recovering from the hikes faster than I thought possible. It was on one of these hikes that I received the other half of my equation: at a pivotal moment in my life, I realized that I would reach my full potential when I was helping others reach their full potential. Here I am.

What I love about my job is helping people reconnect with their bodies, helping them to once again feel at home. I love exploring options for how to be and how to function in this world without chronic tension and pain. 

  Continuing Education

  • UPCOMING: September 2024 Axial Joint Restriction Level 2 Cervical, Thoracic, and Rib Algorithm with John deMahy R.N., DOMPT, Advanced Rolfer
  • UPCOMING: May/June 2024 Shoulder Girdle and Axial Relationships with Advanced Rolfer Tessy Brundgardt
  • Axial Joint Restriction Resolving Low Back Pain Level 1: The Lumbar Pelvic Algorithm with John deMahy R.N., DOMPT, Advanced Rolfer January 2024

  • Deepening the 10 Series with Advanced Rolfer Russel Stoltzoff April 2023

  • Tonic Function, Rolf Movement with International Instructor Rita Gieriola March 2023 

  • Cranium and Cranial Relationships: A Biodynamic Approach with Advanced Rolfer Thomas Walker April 2022

  • Treating the Whole Body Pattern through Feet, Legs, Pelvis and Spine with Advanced Rolfer Russel Stoltzoff Nov 2021

  • The heART of Being a Conscious Practitioner with Advanced Rolfer Michael Polon Sept 2021

  • Self Neurovascular release with Kier Shumaker Online Class Feb-Apr 2021

  • NICABM Trauma Informed Therapy/Polyvagal Theory with Dr. Steven Porges April 2020

  • DIRI Webinar  Diaphragms, Breath, and the Lemniscate with Carol Agnesses, Certified Advanced Rolfer April 2020™A

  • DIRI Webinar on the Shoulder Girdle with Libby Eason, Certified Advanced Rolfer April 2020

  • IASI Webinar Fascia Science Overview with David Lesondak April 2020

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